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We need your valuable help to assemble a total of Euro 60.000!  Call for Donations through Prof. Dr. Raphael PITTI

Establishment of an additional Training Centre for Medical Care in Syria

This call for financial support is addressed to all those who want to ensure medical care in Syria, in order to ensure help to the Syrian population that has been suffering from this terrible war for over three and half years now.

This war in Syria shows the sad record of 191.000 human beings killed and 700.000 insured, plus 10 million people that have left their country, refugees without any hope that this suffering will ever end...

The doctors and nurses that ensure urgently needed medical care in this war-torn region act with great involvement and without resignation, even though the financial resources are limited.

In order to provide support to these teams, two centres had been established, one centre in Syria's north, and a second one at the Syrian-Lebanese border, in the little town of Arsal, however, the latter had to be abondoned again due to Hisbollah attacks and is now located in Tripoli/Lebanon, where a small apartment has been rented, for training of medical staff that is engaged at the refugee camps. This centre is shared with another association taking care of psychologial treatment of women and children.

We now want to open an additional training centre for medical staff at the Syrian-Jordanian border, in order to also ensure medial care in Syria's South.

Up to now, a total of 1500 doctors and nurses have been trained to face the results of this war in Syria:

Same is divided into the following groups:

- ATMG: specific emergency training for doctors ensuring medical care at those centres

- ATSG: specific emergency training for all medical staff ensuring rescue services

- ATMU: specific emergency training for doctors and nurses working at refugee camps

- specific training for doctors taking care of patients with injuries due to chemical weapons.

Furthermore, during the cause of September, a new medical training will be introduced, for the care of traumatized patients suffering from stomach and respiratory problems,
thus offering echography services to patients at the emergency camps.

We decided to purchase the 'M-Turbo' for echography, being of robust material and ensuring easy use, produced by the company Sonosite that made every effort to support our project.
There are four 'M-Turbo's' available, two new ones plus two for demonstration purposes, for a total cost of Euro 61.860.

You are kindly asked to ensure your much appreciated support in assembling this urgently needed sum !

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